Keynote Speakers

Prof. Shmelova Tetiana

Department of Air Navigation Systems, National Aviation University, Ukraine

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Topic: AI applications and perspectives of development in aviation

Biography: Author and editor of more than 300 scientific articles, books, methodical manuals, copyright certificates, handbook, monographs in fields of aviation, economics, mathematics, the theory of system. Monographs, articles, textbooks are published in Ukraine, the USA (IGI GLOBAL international academic publishing outfit), Poland, Germany.

Areas of Scientific Interests: Artificial Intelligence; decision-making models by operators in the Air Navigation System, especially in an emergency; Decision Support Systems for Air Navigation System operators; research of Air Navigation system as Socio-technical system; professional effectiveness using aviation sociometry and socionics; management and marketing in aviation; problems of Human Factors in aviation.

Teaching courses: decision making; mathematical programming; effectiveness of air traffic management; effectiveness of Unmanned Systems; Artificial Intelligence.

Supervises scientific and educational courses for bachelors, masters, PhD-students of the specialty "Aviation Transport" (pilots, air traffic controller, engineers of aeronavigation system, operators of unmanned systems).

Dr. Didem Gürdür Broo

Research Associate, University of Cambridge (UK)

Biography: Didem Gurdur Broo is a future strategist and currently works at University of Cambridge as a research associate on human-cantered and sustainable cyber-physical systems. She will start a new position at Stanford University as a Marie Curie Fellow in a few months. Didem cares about the future of the world and nature. She is a computer scientist with a PhD in mechatronics, which can give you an idea about how much she loves to talk about the future and emerging technologies. She is a data person, always finds a way to talk about how important it is to know your data, use it to make decisions and at some point expect her to talk about art, visualizations and visual analytics. Didem is a person who does not hesitate to talk about inequalities and point out her ethical concerns. She dreams a better world and actively works on improving inequalities regardless of their nature. She is an analytical thinker with a passion for design thinking, a researcher with a future perspective, an engineer who likes problems more than solutions and a teacher who likes to play during lectures. She is a good reader, sailor, divemaster, photographer and drone pilot.

Prof. Paolo Rocchi

Docent Emeritus, IBM

Adjunct Professor, Luiss University

Biography: Paolo Rocchi received his degree in physics from the University La Sapienza of Rome in 1969 and was associated to the same Institute of Physics as an assistant. Next year he joined IBM where he worked as researcher and teacher for nearly forty years. Upon retirement in 2010 has been recognized as an Emeritus Docent at IBM for his achievements in basic and applied research. Presently he is also an Adjunct Professor at Luiss University of Rome.

Rocchi conducted inquiries in a number of fields. He began as an expert of computer assisted instruction (CAI) and managed a project with regard to CAI in collaboration with the IBM Scientific Centers. Later on he implemented 'CIDI' a trail-blazing application, and was qualified as an "IBM inventor" for this linguistic software product. Rocchi also investigated applied and theoretical topics of computer security, information theory, software methodology, edp analysis, artificial intelligence, theoretical computer science and education. Rocchi produced results in probability theory, in particular he dealt with the interpretation of probability, an issue debated since three centuries, and looked into the indeterministic properties of quantum mechanics. Rocchi has introduced a new form of entropy to calculate the reliability and reparability of systems.

Rocchi has written over one hundred and forty works including a dozen books, and is still driving research in various branches of knowledge.

Dr. Shrikant Pawar

Associate Research Scientist

Yale Center for Genome Analysis, Yale University

Topic: Artificial Intelligence and Cancer Biomarker Discovery

Biography: Pawar is an Associate Research Scientist at Yale Center for Genome Analysis (YCGA), Yale University. His research interests are focused on big data (next-generation sequencing, microarrays, X-ray crystallography etc.) analysis with machine learning techniques (Neural networks, SVM’s, Restricted boltzmann machines, Clustering algorithms etc.). He brings unique expertise in data science, bioinformatics, computer science and predictive analytics. The detailed list of his credentials can be found at Linkedin or Google Scholar.
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