Poster Session II

A133 An integrated GPS/vision UAV navigation system based on Kalman filter Wenhao Song
A134 An Empirical Study on the Lane-Change Duration of Naturalistic Driving Based on Multiple Linear Regression Model Yue Yuan, Yingbo Li, and Hepeng Bao
A135 Adhesive Handwritten Digit Recognition Algorithm Based on Improved Convolutional Neural Network Junyi Tang, Ping Han, and Dong Liu
A137 Design of a 5G Multi-band Mobile Phone Antenna Based on CRLH-TL Peng Liu, Wang Ren, and Ruoqi Huang
A139 Logistics distribution vehicle path planning research Changhao Piao, Hao Hu, Yan Zhang
A140 Study of a Cleaning Intelligent Control System for Rice and Wheat Combine Harvester Jiang Qing, Xiao Zhengxing, Zhong Jinglei, Zhao Yude, Huang He, Zhang Zhengyong, Wang Rujin
A143 Service Composition Optimization Based on the Fireworks Algorithm Mixing Hybrid Mutation and Tournament Strategy Hua Qu, Jiang Bian, Yanpeng Zhang
A146 Network Slice Resource Mapping Method Based on Discrete Binary Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Hua Qu, Bin Zhang, Zhelin Duan, Yanpeng Zhang
A150 Long Short-term Memory Network Prediction Model Based on Fuzzy Time Series Hua Qu, Jiaqi Li, Yanpeng Zhang
A152 RLM: a new mask countermeasure to resist HOCPA for GIFT Yueqing Li, Shihui Zheng
A153 Research on Anomaly Location Method for Nuclear Pump Vibration Monitoring Data Based on Correlation Coefficient Yu Wenmin, Hou Xiuqun, Li Yuanjiao, Jiang Qinglei, Bao Binbin
A155 Frequency-Domain EEG Analysis for Sudden Pain Perception Tianao Cao, Dan Liu, Qisong Wang, Lin Tao, Jinwei Sun
A159 General Mathematical Model of AC Traction Power Supply System Simulation Based on Mathematical Reasoning and Its Application Research Xishan Yu

Important Dates

  December 31, 2019
Submission Deadline
  January 10, 2020
Review Decision Notification
  January 22, 2020
Author Registration and Final Paper Submission
  March 20, 2020