Poster Session III

A241 Network Security Analysis of Industrial Control System Based on Attack-Defense Tree Sui He, Ding Lei, Wang Shuang, Chunbo Liu, Zhaojun Gu
A247 Research on ADRC Based Control Algorithm of Rail Pressure for Common Rail Diesel Engines Jian Ling, Jingyuan Li, Xiaowei Wang, Yong Li, Xiaopan An, Zhenkai Xie
A248 A novel vision based pointer instrument reading algorithm Huanjun Liu
A253 A Power Control based Handshake-Competition MAC Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Networks Shidu Wang, Danfeng Zhao
A255 Design of Hardware and Software Systems for English Listening Test Platform Jing Fan
A261 Design of Teaching Expert Evaluation System Based on Artificial Intelligence Xiaomin Zhao
A272 Face Liveness Detection Using Eulerian Video Magnification and SIFT Algorithm Wei Zhao, Yan Ma, Xiaofu He, Hui Huang, Xiao Lin, Yuping Zhang
A275 Performance of Polar-LDPC Concatenated Coding on AWNG Channel Yuling Zhang, Qiuming Ma, Jiqin Qian
A277 Web-based Community Objects Sharing Trading System Jia Yang
A280 Dynamic Collision Avoidance Zone Modeling Method Based on UAV Emergency Collision Avoidance Trajectory Xusheng Gan, Yarong Wu, Pingni Liu, Qian Wang
A288 Research on Military Aviation Air Traffic Control Safety Assessment Based on AFSA-SVM Yanming Wei, Hong Qu, Baohua Han, Xianwei Meng
A291 Research on Safety Evaluation for Military Aviation Management Based on RBF Neural Network model Xusheng Gan, Baohua Han, Baoan Han, Zhihua Zhou
A293 Research on the solution of service conflict based on service characteristics in power exchange network convergence Ni Li, Guozhu Ma, Hongxia Sun, Ting Zhao

Important Dates

  December 31, 2019
Submission Deadline
  January 10, 2020
Review Decision Notification
  January 22, 2020
Author Registration and Final Paper Submission
  March 20, 2020